Your life is made up of the choices you make. If you want a better life, make different and better choices. It’s not hard…it’s all about priorities.

Tonight I stopped drinking wine and ramped up the low-carb efforts. I ate chicken while my family enjoyed pasta. I drank water when I could’ve been drinking luscious red wine. (You guys KNOW how much I love my wine.)

I consciously made these choices because I have hundreds of miles of hiking to do this spring, summer and autumn, and my damn hips are getting arthritis because I’m simply too damn heavy for my small five-foot-tall frame.

I want the hiking and pain relief more than I want wine and pasta.

My priorities lie in my health and being able to get out into the hills and woods. I simply want that more than I want the other.

Your priorities govern your choices.

If you say that you “can’t” do something, like lose weight, start a business, quit your job, whatever…be realistic with yourself.

It’s much more likely a matter of won’t than can’t. You simply don’t want it badly enough. And that’s fine. But don’t kid yourself.

You can have whatever you want, if you make that a priority.