UCK! Procrastination! It was the CLEAR winner in the survey I sent to my list asking what flavor of self-sabotage they tend to practice.

It was followed by overanalyzing, and losing momentum, and we’ll tackle those in a separate email.

So WHY do you procrastinate, and WHAT can you do about it?

Well, procrastination is just a long word for putting things off. And there are LOTS of ways to procrastinate.

  • Avoiding doing the work – doing ANYTHING but what you should be doing
  • Distracting yourself with minutae and things that don’t matter
  • Wasting time on social media
  • Surfing the ‘net
  • Insisting on perfection before moving forward

There are dozens more…you know what I’m talkin’ about.

Why do you do it?I believe it’s largely fear-based. You fear moving forward because maybe you think you don’t know enough, you’re not good enough for the awesome end result,or holy crap…if you succeed, you’re going to have to actually OWN that you rock!

Now, WHAT can you do about procrastination?

One of the MOST IMPORTANT tools for people who love to procrastinate is simple…a schedule.

A simple damn schedule.

The reason the schedule works is because if you’re a procrastinator, the last thing you need is to be left to your own devices, right? You just muck things up then.

But if you have a SCHEDULE….A-HA! Nothing left to chance means a HUGELY greater chance of you getting stuff done.

My schedule looks like this:
7:30 wake up
7:30-9 coffee time with family
9-10:30 work block 1
10:30-11 shower
11-12 lunch with family
12-2 work block 2
2-3:30 errands, relax, take walk, check FB
3:30-5:30 work block 3
5:30 on – coaching calls, relax, additional work that didn’t get done.

But then there are days like yesterday that look like this:
7:30am-11pm WRITE COPY


True story: Last fall, before I’d discovered the personal importance of sticking to a schedule, I created one for myself. I stuck to it like a fly on paper, and do you know what happened? Because I was actually doing really focused work in those three work blocks, I was able to make my monthly financial goal…in ONE WEEK. Seriously.

So a schedule is really, really important…and so is learning to be flexible about things. Just because you screw up one thing, or one day, or two days, doesn’t mean you just trash everything.

By utilizing and sticking to (<—imperative) a schedule, you seriously reduce the chance that you’ll get sidetracked. But you gotta WANT it, friends. That’s always number one.

What do you do to procrastinate, and how might a schedule help you break those negative behaviours?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!