Last post, we talked about procrastination and how very often, a schedule helps you stop procrastination in it’s tracks…

Did you come up with a realistic schedule for your work days? Or did you read the post, say, “uh huh…” and get back to surfing Facebook?

I say that because a lot of times when we’re given info like that, it goes in one ear and out the other. And I DON’T want that to happen with you, because I KNOW that you can get your productivity and mojo back (whatever that means to you in your particular situation) simply by instituting a few of the things that I let you know about in these posts.

Whether you take me up on it is something I have no control over. That’s all you, baby…

Great example: Yesterday, I had an Initial Session (one hour) with a new student, whom we’ll call Mary.

Mary’s feeling stuck in her own head. She’s depressed, has a very negative view of her world, and her productivity at work (she works for herself) is stagnant.

First thing we did was discuss the situations surrounding her depression and negativity. Some of it is external, but most of it is internal. I knew that when I made the below statement, her reaction would be, “No, absolutely not.”

I told her, “You enjoy being miserable. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar, and you ENJOY IT.”

Of course, she gave me the reaction I anticipated. But then I explained.

“Mary, I was like you in my teens and twenties. I enjoyed the familiarity of depression, sadness and pure negativity. I enjoyed it because it was comfortable – it’s what I knew, and it was kind of a safety blanket. Then, I had a realization – this is NOT NORMAL. And then, I began to slowly turn things around.”

Mary thought I was judging her…I wasn’t. It’s just that I knew what was going on in her subconscious.

Remember, your subconscious likes what is familiar and known. And when you’ve grown up in a negative environment, those negative thoughts, reactions, and emotions don’t even register…they’re a part of who you are.

BUT…and it’s a big butt…

Once you realize that’s not normal, you can change it.

Face it, no one truly wants to live their life in such an awful state. Uck.

Once you realize the negative thinking, you can turn those thoughts around to positive thoughts…say them out loud…a few times over. Because THAT starts to retrain the brain. Enough of that, and your subconscious begins to see positive thoughts as comfortable and familiar, instead of scary and challenging.

THAT is when true change occurs, and it is an AMAZING thing to witness, and be a part of.

Yesterday, I believe Mary was skeptical. She’d invested her money, but I don’t think she knew what she was in for. She cried. She denied. But in the end, she listened, and clearly, she immediately began doing what I’d suggested.

How do I know?

Because this morning…for the first time ever (and I’ve known her on Facebook for quite some time), she posted the most uplifting little video. Something positive in a sea of negativity that was her life.

Her brain is already on the way to becoming positive and getting out of that damn nasty dark hole.

Because I told her what would work, and then SHE WORKED IT.

God bless her for that…her life is going to turn around now in ways she can’t begin to imagine, and she deserves it.

So do YOU.