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I am so happy I invested the money in this training. Yesterday was the first day of training, and I was a little worried, because there was nothing really new to me in that video. Today, day 2, everything was new to me. This is the best money I’ve ever spent on a WSO, and I’ve spent plenty.

Lisa has done a very good job on these videos, she is easy to listen to, and they are well done. Every once in a while you can hear the squeak of a kidlet in the background, and it makes me smile. You know why? It reminds me that Lisa is a regular Mom just like me, and she figured this stuff out, and I can do it too! She isn’t some too good for me guru, she is kind and approachable and she really wants to help people.

I will say, that after only 2 days of training, I am more excited, motivated, and hopeful than I have been for months. I fully expect and believe that I will make back the cost of this mentoring withing 1 week of the last day of training. I will gladly come back and post my results.

I can’t recommend this mentoring enough, especially for those people who feel like they are wandering around the IM wilderness, lost and alone.”

Valorie, Warrior Forum member

You have a gift of patience with us and a desire to coach so we can keep moving to through to the end instead of dropping out.

Gary, Warrior Forum member

Earlier this year, I bought Lisa’s No Brainer Niche Blogging System, which I’ve found to be the best document I’ve seen to take a relative newby through the steps to create a blog. So, when I saw Lisa’s 2 week training course, based on the NBNBS, with a complete set of supporting videos, I signed up.

It’s been everything I could hope for and I really believe Lisa is truly hitting her stride as a coach. Her positive attitude has inspired all of us to do our best.

Finally, Lisa backs up her commitment to our success by stating you’ve got lifetime support once you’ve gone through coaching with her. It’s great to know when I hit a wall, I can work with Lisa to get me over the hump.

Gary (g2_tex), Warrior Forum member

I am in Lisa’s current coaching group and I am the exact person Lisa referred to with this WSO.

I had information overload, did not have a good plan, and had more to learn than I thought.

Lisa’s video instruction is easy to follow and to the point. She has a terrific teaching style and I have learned more useful information in one week than I have in a year.

I would encourage anyone looking for a great course and coach to not hesitate. You won’t be disappointed!

Many thanks Lisa!

Susan (wildwheat), Warrior Forum Member

I have also taken this course by Lisa. She makes everything completely clear with her casual style of teaching. The question that I had before the class were all answered by the videos. Great Job Lisa!!! Thank You Very Much!

Deb Botting (debbot), Warrior Forum Member

Just completed Lisa’s first IM advisor group and it was well worth the money. The video’s are step-by-step, clear and easy to understand. Lisa is great when it comes to quick and concise email replys. The Skype contact for group chats adds to the learning experience. The pdf is very informative and a great resource.

I highly recommend Lisa’s IM advisor for anyone needing the personal support from someone who really knows her stuff and from whom is also willing to go the extra mile to pull in outside resources if she needs to.

Kudos to you Lisa for an excellent service.

Laura Quintile (joyfulwraps), Warrior Forum member

To anyone thinking about taking Lisa’s coaching:

After getting a late start with the lessons, I went through videos 1 – 6 this morning and found a niche, got a domain name, researched keywords and installed and configured a blog. This isn’t to brag how wonderful I am, but to just confirm how easy and to the point Lisa’s videos are. I’m very impressed and am looking forward to the rest. This is a system that I surely can repeat with multiple niches. Highly recommended if you want to build niche blogs. And don’t forget the added plus that Lisa will answer your questions if you reach a sticking point. 

Bruce Arnold, Warrior Forum member

Attention Newbies:

Are you suffering from info overload?

Purchased a wso that gave a general overview of the course, with no details?

Purchased wso‘s and freaked out when the ebook you bought tells you to complete technical tasks such as “build a website, register a domain, or create anchor text?” but does not tell you how.

Then Lisa’s IM Advisor coaching is for you!

Lisa’s course covers everything from keyword research, purchasing a domain, installing WordPress, configuring wordpress, plug ins, themes, Click Bank, Amazon, social bookmarking, anchor test, and traffic generation.

Her IM Advisor Coaching course contains 10 videos that show the steps necessary to build a website and earn money. The videos are easy to understand and Lisa includes her No-Brainer Niche Blog System ebook with the course.

The coaching has three Skype sessions where you can bounce ideas around, or ask specific questions for any problems you encounter. Lisa also very responsive to emails and the needs of her students.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in IM, wants to get started or wants to improve your skills, Lisa can help you.

Don’t wait any longer, sign up today!!

David Carman, Warrior Forum member