People think that it’s hardest to get started. Started on what? Anything…a new project, a weight loss program, exercising, writing a book…any positive direction.

The truth is that it’s very often not the starting that is the hardest part of the process. That comes a few days to a few weeks in, depending on how motivated you are, and how big an asshole your subconscious is.

We’re filled with ingrained bad behaviours, or habits. All of us. You. Me. That guy over there. (Yes, you.)

When we begin something cool, we’re usually excited! Rarin’ to go! Enthused about getting started on the road to the goal we’ve set!

Then, in a little bit, your subconscious says, “Oh wait a second…fuck this noise. Where’s my pizza and beer? Where’s my procrastination? WHERE’S MY COMFORT, DAMMIT!”

Do you ever notice how you tend to backslide after awhile? It might start small (“I’ll just have a half piece of pizza, just to satisfy this craving”) but before you know it, you’re holed up in your kitchen, stuffing handfuls of plain spaghetti in your maw, hoping no one sees you.

I would have no actual experience with this, of course. Especially the pasta part. None at all.

See, you’d think your subconscious is on your side. It can be, but it’s usually like that bully in second grade – the one with the squinty eyes and carrot-orange hair that kind of reminds you of that asshole kid from “A Christmas Story”.

Your subconscious is a god damn bully, that’s what it is.

It wants comfort. And what it views as comfort is what’s familiar to it – all the unchallenging bad habits and behaviours that it’s used to.

The time period for it to kick up and become a total jerk is different for everyone. But it usually WILL cause problems. And those problems will manifest themselves as backsliding.

There IS a cure for this though, and it gets way easier after the first time. But the first time is a real bitch. “The first time for what?”, you’re asking.

We’ll talk about that in tomorrow’s post.

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See ya next time!