Last time we were talking about that damn subconscious mind of ours, and how it mucks us up every time we try to start something new and positive.

It’s usually okay for a couple days, or a week, but then those bad habits and negative behaviours start creeping back in.

And I said the first time is the hardest. The first time for what?

The first time you don’t LET your subconscious take the reigns and lead you to self-sabotage.

When you’re on a roll, and things suddenly get hard, you run up against distractions, you begin to lose your motivation…THAT IS YOUR TIME TO GET TOUGH.

It is at that moment that you need to reinforce to yourself that you WILL do the positive thing, you WILL continue on whatever awesome path you’re on to whatever amazing goal you want. Tell your subconscious to go pound sand!

See, once you see what’s going on with your subconscious, you can’t un-see it. Once you know that, at some point, you ARE going to be up against that urge to backslide…

You can say, “HELL NO, I WON’T GO!” And continue on your journey to awesomesauce greatness, which is where you’re destined to be, dammit!

And the first time really IS the hardest. Once you show your subconscious that it’s NOT going to be business as usual, well, it starts to listen to you. And listen it will.

The more you recognize what’s really going on, and when, you can prepare and battle it. It gets easier, because your subconscious begins to see the new positive actions as habits…creating a brand new comfort level for it that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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