“Being aware of a single shortcoming within yourself is far more useful than being aware of a thousand in someone else.”
Dalai Lama

For most people – I’d say the vast majority – the reason WHY you haven’t succeeded in the past comes down to one thing. It’s not the same for everyone. But it IS within you.

What is that one thing?

That one damn thing that prevents you from moving forward? That prevents you from being fulfilled in your work? That thwarts you every. single. time.

Finding that thing is hard. Harder still is telling your ego to fuck off while you examine why this one damn thing keeps stopping you.

And ever harder still…is resolving to keep that one damn thing from stopping you any longer.

You can, you know. You can stop it. Whatever it is, you can stop it. But you have to find it, recognize it, and choose to stop it.

Are you ready to choose? Are you ready to go deep inside to figure out what this one damn thing is? Are you ready for the self-examination, the kicking your ego to the curb while you get to the heart of what’s truly stopping you? Are you ready to work?

It’s not information or lack thereof. It’s not skills or lack thereof. I promise you that.

If you’re ready, so am I. Because this is what I DO. And I can do it for you, too.