Warning: long, but worthwhile. (“Stick with me, kid.”)

There’s this saying I have – you might’ve seen me on Facebook saying it –


Well I’ll be damned if I haven’t been DOING THE THING.

Like I said in yesterday’s email, stuff happens, and sometimes you have to give yourself a pass.

But sometimes, like today, you have to take a good, hard look at yourself and say,

“SELF! Knock it off and get your ass in gear! NAO!”

And so it is. My plan for the day includes showering, dressing, getting my video setup well…set up…and kicking dupa on the Success on Demandoutline, as well as the accompanying vids.

I WILL get this all done today. Every little last damn bit of it.

AND, I have to get the house ready to host a party tomorrow night for six adults and five kids.

AND, I have to give up my PC for two hours while my husband does reading and math lessons with my kids.

SO…how am I going to get it all done?

Right this very minute, I am not entirely sure. There will be some compromise involved, and everyone is going to have to give a little so that I can accomplish what I need to accomplish in order for us to HAVE.

And on the subject of HAVING…see, I told you this would be long…

If you ever need a visual reminder of WHY you are doing all this shit day in and day out…

Do yourself a favor and join Pinterest, and then create a board for yourself called “Abundance” or whatever word you enjoy.

Mine is called “My Materialistic 2016”. You can check it out here: https://www.pinterest.com/lisagergets/my-materialistic-2016/

There’s a LOT of high-dollar stuff on that list, and some not-so-high-dollar.

We want to buy the house we currently rent.

We want a new vehicle.

When we buy this house, we want to add on a master bedroom, complete with a stone fireplace and jacuzzi.

But the bigger point is that, if I ever get to being lazy (as I am wont to do), or tired, or just blahhhhhh…I look at THIS Pinterest board and it gives me a visual reminder of just exactly why I am working so farking hard.

I want these things, and I want experiences. More vacations. More fun times for my family.

And no one in the world is going to hand it to me (or you). We’ve got to GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME MARKETING ASS.

So that’s my friendly PSA for the day.

What do you want?

What will you do to get it?

DO THE THING! Let’s go!

And if you need HELP figuring out exactly how to get the thing done and get all those excellent nice things…you owe it to yourself to pay attention to tomorrow’s post.

I’ll be writing a post explaining, in detail, what Success on Demand is all about. But for now, this brilliant mindmap/outline I’m finishing today is something you’ll get for absolutely nothin’ after I finish it today. And this alone is enough to show you exactly how to get where you NEED to go to have all the nice things.

TT for now, my leetle cabbages…